A Warriors star openly smashes Ja Morant and the Grizzlies!

Between Golden State and Memphis, it is likely to spark in 2022-23 after their clash in the playoffs last year. A Dubs owner has added oil to the fire with a shattering statement recently. Ja Morant & co. are not going to love!

If the Warriors finished on the throne of the league in 2021-22, their journey has not been a walk in the park. Before even having to face the Celtics in the Finals, it was first necessary that Stephen Curry & co. emerge alive from the jungle that is the Western Conference. The Nuggets went through the grind in the first round, same for the Mavs in the conference finals… but in the middle of it all, they got a real challenge from the Grizzlies.

Led by a Ja Morant who unfortunately ended the series injured, Taylor Jenkins’ men fought until the end and if they lost in six games, they showed their full potential. The reigning MIP has since claimed that if his squad had been complete throughout, the outcome would have been very different. Unsurprisingly, Californians didn’t take long to respond via Draymond Green, author of an absolutely incendiary statement.

Andre Iguodala challenges Morant’s Grizzlies

However, the league could not miss this opportunity, some seeing it as the birth of a big rivalry, and the two franchises will therefore compete for Christmas Day. While on ex-player Evan Turner’s podcast recently, Andre Iguodala broached the subject, saying the Dubs will be ready to fight that night. On the other hand, he refuses to put the Grizz’ on the same level as his own, and has therefore cut them up badly:

Ja Morant likes to be in the spotlight, and I think you’ll see some high-flying action that night. Like I said before, we talked about Memphis motivation before the game, with Draymond’s quotes in the weight room. I think the Warriors team will be ready too! It doesn’t matter what happens in this game.

It’s not a rivalry. Same with the supposed rivalry between Clippers and Warriors, they can’t call it a rivalry. We swept those guys away.

The Angelinos will certainly appreciate very little to find themselves involved in this story when they did not ask for anything, but in this case, it is not surprising that the MVP of the 2015 Finals expresses himself in this way towards Memphis. After all, he and the franchise are far from on good terms.

Traded in Tennessee in 2019 as part of the deal around D’Angelo Russell, he did everything to leave as quickly as possible, even going on strike. Suffice to say that on the spot, everyone took it very badly and we could see the Bears booing him copiously during the second round. Nothing to bother Iggy about though, since he finished the ring on his finger. A sort of middle finger to his former team!

Andre Iguodala and the Grizzlies, it’s a relationship that is not about to improve with this umpteenth provocation from the veteran. One thing is certain, the next game between the two franchises will be hot and not to be missed.

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