A Warrior steals LaMelo Ball’s girlfriend!

Already the holder of a big CV in the NBA despite his 20 years, LaMelo Ball also displays a nice hunting record in terms of romantic conquests. One of his recent dating would have finally set his sights … on a star of the Warriors!

His flirting technique on the networks may seem doubtful, it is clear that the results are there. LaMelo Ball takes advantage of his notoriety in the NBA to chain more or less serious relationships, and continues to make headlines with the one that links him to Ana Montana, 33 years old. Prior to that, the Hornets point guard dated another Instagram star… who seems to definitely like the league members.

An ex of LaMelo Ball in a relationship with Jordan Poole?

For a few weeks, Ball had to deal with rumors that he was having a relationship with a woman named Ashlyn Castro. Well known on Instagram with some 100 million subscribers, the 24-year-old model has never confirmed these statements, acknowledging nevertheless that Melo was one of her relatives. Now, according to Awesemo Sideactionit’s another young rear on fire who would have fallen under his spell, namely… Jordan Poole!

Apparently, Ashlyn Castro has a new boyfriend, and it’s Golden State Warriors star Jordan Poole. They try to keep their relationship low-key. Jordan does not follow her (on the networks) but he likes and dislikes her photos, while she follows her best friend, Ralen (Brown). They try to fly under the radar but it doesn’t work.

Decidedly, Poole misses nothing of what he undertakes at the moment. Impressive for his first playoff campaign, the Warriors combo guard shows a staggering success on the floor. This Thursday again, during Game 3 against the Nuggets, he concluded the meeting with a magnificent 9/13 in shooting and 27 points. We must therefore believe that this irresistible aspect also applies to him in everyday life.

Of course, the couple that he would form with Castro is for the moment nothing more than a noise of corridor, that neither of the two camps seems to want to validate or not. In the meantime, Golden State fans can already rejoice in the success of their new darling on the pitch!

After LaMelo Ball, Ashlyn Castro was now closer to Jordan Poole. The young woman obviously has the nose to unearth the nuggets on the way to becoming stars in the league!

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