A viral phrase from Pop to his locker room revealed!

If in France euphoria of the Olympics quickly gave way to the Blanquer controversy, the celebrations continue across the Atlantic. Gregg Popovich’s speech after the final just leaked, and a phrase from the coach is creating a buzz!

That time flies in the NBA. With the madness of free agency and the Summer League in full swing, we almost forget that the Olympic Games ended only 10 days ago… And yet, the defeat of the French team in the final against Team USA is still very fresh!

But water has already flowed under the bridges in France, largely the fault of the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer, author of a controversial statement that greatly made the players react, starting with the very spicy Vincent Poirier! More recently still, it is Evan Fournier who took the care to write a superb open letter to the Minister, reaching out to him to start a wind of change in the school system …

Across the Atlantic, the situation is very different. There is not the slightest controversy, and this gold medal is in fact seen as a mere formality … But some players are still euphoric, like JaVale McGee, who posted a few videos in the privacy of the Team USA locker room. . The fans were therefore able to discover Gregg Popovich’s message after the final, and his speech is quite salty!

[…] I am fortunate to be able to be with you. At the beginning people said: « why is he in the team, we had to take him ». We were destroyed after only a few training sessions, there was COVID, 3 players arrived on the eve of the first game… I’m proud to be part of this adventure, it’s the best feeling I’ve had in my career! So I would like to say to those who doubted, « How the hell do you find us now, you bastards? » « 

Gregg Popovich let go after the victory of Team USA with a rather rare vulgarity on his part! But following the many criticisms wiped by his team, we can easily understand where this little anger comes from… The players have visibly agreed with the speech, and they could not have dreamed of a better start to their celebration! On the other hand, the Big 3 of Spurs may not appreciate… Their titles come after the gold medal!

Gregg Popovich has just had his best basketball experience at 72 years old. It just goes to show that there is no point in running, the beautiful things in life can come late!

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