A triple champion ignites: « Kyrie is in the Top 20 all-time »

Kyrie Irving is one of the most divisive players in the NBA. Excellent in the field, his personality sometimes darkens his record. But for a triple champion who knows the star of the Nets well, not all controversies can make him part of the Top 20 all-time.

When the NBA announced its intention to reward the 75 best players in history to celebrate the league’s 75th anniversary, it was not very difficult to imagine the strong reactions it would elicit. Just remember the popular revolt 25 years ago when Dominique Wilkins was snubbed from the Top 50, even though he was one of the most spectacular and dominant players of his generation.

And this year again, there could be controversy. If all the big names are mentioned for the moment, with a few new ones like James harden, Kevin Durant, or Allen Iverson, hope is starting to be slim for some with only 25 places left to fill. For example, the presence of Tony Parker is far from assured, even though his track record should make him a potential Hall of Famer.

Andre Iguodala in awe of Kyrie Irving

And the French is not the only name missing. Kyrie Irving has not yet been cited, which, in view of the current controversy, makes rather sense. But for Andre Iguodala it’s a scandal. He spoke on Twitter, and he was very clear: according to him Uncle Drew should be among the 20 best players of all time! A surprising opinion from such a measured player on the pitch.

So you’re saying Kyrie Irving isn’t in the Top 75? I agree … He is at least Top 20 …

Andre Iguodala knows Kyrie Irving like the back of his hand since they have faced each other several times in the NBA Finals. His opinion on the question is therefore necessarily enlightened, but it remains surprising. So yeah, Uncle Drew is the greatest dribbler ever, but is that enough to make his way into the Top 20? According to the fans the answer is « no », and it is rather unanimous on that side.

Iggy you’re the best but he’s not Top 20

Kyrie Irving will mark the history of the NBA as well by his talent and his dribbling as by his extra-sporting escapades… For Andre Iguodala, it deserves a place in the Top 20 all-time.

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