a trip in a sand yacht, the formula 1 of the beaches


Sport: discovering sand yachting, the formula 1 of the beaches

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The 13 Hours newscast presents, Thursday, September 29, a still little-known sport, sand yachting. These machines can go up to 130 km/h on the sand.

On the beaches of Pas-de-Calais, the champions of sand yachting are training at full speed, Thursday, September 29, for the races which will begin in a few days. They move with the help of the force of the wind. Hugo Perron learned this discipline in Sainte-Cécile (Pas-de-Calais), before becoming world champion in 2012. « The tank goes up to 130km/h. At ground level, for the uninitiated, those who have already done karting, the sensations are quite similar »he explains.

A sand yacht is a more complicated machine than it seems. Each piece is unique. This craft at 15 000 euros each is to be managed with dexterity. The weekend of 1er and October 2, there will be a hundred of them competing on a multi-faceted beach, between bumps and tarpaulins. So it’s a week full of speed ahead.

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