A team positions itself on Bronny James, the first offer sent!


Bronny James is getting closer every day to his NCAA debut, which is a year from now. A few universities are therefore already scrambling to try to acquire his talents, and one program has launched hostilities by submitting an offer to him. It certainly won’t be the last…

Currently on tour in Europe with the California Basketball Club, Bronny James takes advantage of his high school years to do self-promotion. Not a bad thing considering he’s not considered a top prospect by academia, with his reputation closely tied to his father’s. LeBron James. However, the boy has significant potential and rumors are therefore rife about him, to the point where the Lakers star had to intervene recently.

As a result, we are still in the dark regarding his NCAA future, and we may wait a little longer before having a definitive answer, althoughex-King team-mate thinks he’s found the perfect squad for him. That being said, it could be that a first domino has fallen regarding the race to recruit the nugget. Indeed, the Memphis program has officially made a first offer against him:

Memphis college sends offer to Bronny James

As a reminder, the Memphis squad is coached by a former player and not least, in the person of Penny Hardaway. The former Magic star was known to be versatile and dominant when healthy. Theoretically, he would therefore make a good mentor for Bronny… However, the failure of James Wiseman and more generally, the lack of good players produced by the university since Derrick Rose do not inspire confidence in fans, who advise the young man not to engage with her:

Memphis ruined all of his college talent. He should go to North Carolina instead

Do not do that ! Penny will probably be fired next year!

Memphis has drawn first with an offer for Bronny James in the NCAA, remains to be seen if he will want to accept it. The fans would in any case take a dim view of it, those who don’t want to see its potential be wasted…


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