A superstar photographed with Paris Hilton!

Paris Hilton is a icon for a whole generation, including among NBA players, then inevitably during the fashion of New York, a superstar of the league wanted to be photographed with her. There are definitely beautiful people in the haute couture fashion shows.

For the youngest, the name of Paris Hilton does not necessarily have to evoke much, if it is not a particularly rich DJ (her salary is estimated at 5,000 dollars per minute on stage). But for previous generations, the descendant of the creator of luxury hotels Hilton is a real superstar of the early 2000s.

Propelled to the rank of celebrity thanks to her participation in the reality TV show  » The Simple Life“, Which consisted simply of following the road-trip of two millionaire heiresses in rural America, Paris Hilton became a world-famous personality after the release of her sextape in 2004. Like Kim Kardashian a few years later, she knew how to transform this violation of his privacy into a force.

With her notoriety and her full bank account, she was able to create a small empire, since she is now a DJ, but also an actress and host of a cooking show for Netflix. Among all her hobbies, fashion keeps a special place, and she shows up regularly during fashion week. And during her stint in New York for Fashion Week, she was pictured with a huge NBA superstar!

The first day of fashion week was a success! It was so nice to see you James Harden

Born in 1989, James harden is part of that generation who grew up watching Paris Hilton on TV. It is therefore a safe bet that he is more a fan of her than the other way around, even if today he is much better known in the world. One thing is certain, however, is that New York fashion week is going much better for the back of the Nets than that of Paris a few months ago!

Passing through the capital with his friend Lil Baby, famous rapper from Atlanta, the bearded man had had small problems with the French police, sincehe had been tested for facies in the upscale neighborhoods. An experience that can spoil a trip, but fortunately, he will never have this problem in his native country.

James Harden does not miss a fashion week during the offseason, the opportunity for him to meet beautiful people and take beautiful photos.

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