A superstar is massacred: “Frank Ntilikina is better than him! »


Frank Ntilikina shone with his activity against Phoenix, while his opponents completely crashed in the final game. One of them was also ransacked by the fans, some claiming that the French Prince was stronger than him… and it stings, given his status.

The least we can say is that there was no match between the Mavs and the Suns. Game 7 between the two teams turned into a game of massacre, the Texans crushing their opponents as they evolved on the outside (123-90, summary here). The bankruptcy was as monumental as it was collective for the Cactus, who shot less than 38% success and only had 27 points at halftime. Be as much as the only Luka Doncic at the same time…

To make matters worse, the stars did not shine in this decisive meeting either. Devin Booker got through with his 4/13 shooting, but Chris Paul was also transparent. 10 points and 4 assists only, -39 differential: the Point God suffered martyrdom throughout the game, especially against a Frank Ntilikina on a mission on him. If the Frenchman was praised for his performance, the fans have on the contrary atomized the veteran. The French Prince has also been mentioned:

Chris Paul trashed by fans after Game 7

Frank Ntilikina is better than Chris Paul

Chris Paul turned 37 this month, and his powers magically vanished like Jordan in Space Jam against the Monstars.

You shouldn’t have said so much crap…

The comments are wild, but difficult to contradict them. CP3 was also distinguished by a dubious attitude towards Doncic during the series, and the revenge was chilling to say the least. But above all, it is now the 6th consecutive death match that he has just lost, enough to justify his status as a magnificent loser. Enough to push him into retirement, he who is approaching his forties? Apparently not, according to his own words. The former Clipper will be there again next year, confident he can win a ring with Phoenix.

Chris Paul seriously tasted after Game 7, and rightly so. Without wanting to disrespect Frank Ntilikina, the treatment of the fans was particularly brutal… At the Point God to show that he can recover from yet another disappointment.


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