A superstar announces: “We will win the title next year”

The season has barely ended and some players have already moved on to the next one. Moreover, during a meeting with fans, a superstar made a rather crazy announcement: she sees herself winning the title in the spring of 2023. to assume !

In the NBA things go very fast, sometimes too fast. So not even 72 hours after the Warriors’ coronation, it’s already time to think about next season. The champions and the Grizzlies are also beginning to lay the foundations for a great rivalry, since Klay Thompson openly insulted Jaren Jackson Jr.when Draymond Green and Ja Morant got confused on social media.

For other franchises, it’s time to build a strong enough competitive roster to go far in the playoffs next spring. The Celtics, no doubt upset after this loss in the Finals, would be very tempted to steal Stephen Curry’s darling and Steve Kerr, when the Lakers are digging around the league to get back on track.

Jimmy Butler promises the title to Heat fans!

And among the franchises that should be particularly ambitious, there is obviously the Heat, first in the Eastern Conference on the regular season. Kyle Lowry should come back refined as ever, this is in any case what the big boss Pat Riley made clear, when Jimmy Butler will undoubtedly honor his superstar status. Moreover, during a secret meeting with fans, he made a rather crazy and daring statement:

Jimmy Butler: What is your favorite thing in basketball, since it’s the only thing you watch?

fan: I like going to the game.

Jimmy Butler: How many rooms have you seen?

fan: Just this one…

Jimmy Butler: Just Miami? You must be a very loyal fan. It means we really have to win the title for you next year. You can tell everyone, we will win next season.

Jimmy Butler was impressed by the passion of this fan, who goes to see the matches in Miami and in no other room. So to please him, and to motivate himself, Buckets has clearly announced a title for next season, which is not an excessive ambition. With the right additions in the offseason, the Heat could once again dominate in the East, even if the competition will be tough.

During this secret meeting for the opening of Big Face Coffee, Jimmy Butler’s brand, the Heat star announced a title to the fans. He will have to assume his words and achieve a new very good course in the playoffs if he does not want his words to come back to his face.

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