A streamer buys a Porsche, and the public is not happy

Twitch streamer Hasan « Hasanabi » Piker bought a Porsche and people are upset about this display of wealth. Hasan got a 2022 Porsche Taycan, which some say goes against his socialist image.

Twitch streamer Hasan was Twitter’s main character lately. It aroused the anger of Internet users after thebuying a Porsche. Which shouldn’t be a problem, had outsized repercussions, because this personality claims to be a socialist.

The purchase of Piker qualified as exaggerated by the popular class

The streamer bought a 2022 Porsche Taycan Turbo S that many referred to as a dentist’s car. Apparently all dentists drive Porsches. This purchase, according to some, contradicts Piker’s anti-capitalist viewshence the anger of Internet users.

He was called a hypocrite for spouting socialist rhetoric using the money he earns to line the pockets of big business.

Streamer Piker’s reaction to the criticism

Piker then replied in a tweet that he was just a simple twitch streamer. He only does free content and is not a socialist Jesus as many think.


The gossip around Piker’s purchases is not new, but is in the long run exhausting. The same speech had been made in August when he bought a house in West Hollywood. What people might forget is that Piker is just a Twitch streamer. Sure, he may be a socialist, but even socialists have need accommodation and transportation.

Could he have used the money for smaller purchases while spending the rest on humanitarian aid? Totally, but Piker owes nothing to anyone and he’s there.free to do what he wants with his money. As long as this freedom does not lead to the continued subjugation of minorities.

A tweet from tinywienerbabe succinctly states that Hasan is just an artist and not a leftist avant-garde. These purchases should not affect anyone. The fact that a streamer bought something doesn’t change anything in the real world.

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