A star of the West on the start, the Mavs, Celtics and Grizzlies in the ranks!

The league’s franchises continue to probe the market a few weeks before the opening of the regular season, in order to find the rare pearl. Suddenly, the transfer request of a big name from the West did not escape anyone. Dallas, Boston and Memphis could in particular give it a try.

Summer is now over, but that doesn’t mean teams have stopped shopping within the league. Just recently, the Hawks and the Thunder, for example, negotiated a trade around Moe Harkless and a second round draft pick. Not really breaking news in the US, but that should be another story on Jae Crowder’s case, whose transfer request to the Suns sparked controversy.

Not being planned in the five major Cactus for the 2022-23 season, the winger decided to set sail, he who is already a confirmed journeyman (seven franchises in 10 years). However, we are talking about a skillful player behind the arc and very good in defense, enough to interest a lot of big cars. And justly, The Athletic reports that the interested party is already in the sights of the Cavs, while several other high-ranking teams could also contact Phoenix:

Jae Crowder courted by several league leaders

The Cleveland Cavaliers should be interested in Jae Crowder, according to The Athletic. The Celtics, Grizzlies, Heat and Mavericks could also show interest.

For the trouble, the 31-year-old has no shortage of options, and he’s virtually guaranteed to join a title contender if the Suns trade him. Funny fact, if he were to join one of the teams mentioned, he would always land on familiar ground… because he had already played for each of them in the past. Suffice to say that they know very well what they can expect from him, and the fans too. The latter are campaigning for it to land in their favorite franchises:

I just hung up on the phone with Jae. His return to Miami is confirmed

He’s going home

Jae Crowder has a profile that appeals to a lot of people in the NBA, with his experience and his qualities on the ground. Suffice to say that the Suns can expect to receive a lot of offers in the coming days. Given the man’s initial desires, one of them should be accepted.

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