A star cracks: « Michael Jordan is not handsome, if he was a plumber nobody would say that »

A living legend with a unique aura in the NBA, Michael Jordan very often concentrates praise and complements. Sometimes, however, a slightly less flattering sentence is pronounced against Her Majesty. And in this little game, a star did very well!

If, through their respective eras, players like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Wilt Chamberlain or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar were able to command the admiration, respect and fear of their peers, no name in history reached the aura of Michael Jordan. At his peak, MJ had a downright grip on dozens of opponents, who were scared to face him before the match even started.

This quasi-superman status of the six-time NBA champion has only grown stronger since, with great blows of shattering anecdotes about his laconic trash-talking and his incredible achievements. However, a few diehards still dare to break the ice here and there, treating Jordan « like another ».

Barkley’s wild punchline on Jordan

If Isiah Thomas is the critics specialist in the first degree, he who has still not digested the Pistons / Bulls rivalry as well as the documentary The Last Dance, Charles Barkley tends more to do comedy. A very long time best friend of MJ, the Chuckster took advantage a few years ago of a passage in the talk show « Conan » to release a sentence of which he has the secret:

People often tell me that he is handsome. I’ll tell you something: it’s not particularly beautiful. Not at all, even. But any guy with $500 million in his bank account is good looking. Seriously ! If he was a plumber, people clearly wouldn’t say he’s handsome.

Unsurprisingly, Barkley’s sentence, likely tinged with a shred of truth, drew laughter from the crowd at the time. Unfortunately, and regrettably, Sir Charles no longer has the opportunity to laugh with the man who was his great friend. Jordan took Barkley’s criticism of his management of the Bobcats (which have since become Hornets, editor’s note) a few years ago, and contact was broken between the two men.

With his usual bonhomie, the MVP of the 1993 season is determined to bury the hatchet with his ex-accomplice, and has moreover sent a nice outstretched hand recently. Not enough to reach the icy heart of Jordan, who still hasn’t mentioned Charles Barkley’s name in public for almost a decade…

Charles Barkley was one of the few who dared to laugh at Michael Jordan, but the Sixers and Suns legend lost that privilege when his friendship with MJ came to an abrupt end. Let’s hope for a reconciliation between the two men, because life is too short to maintain such childish enmities…

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