A star cracks and denounces the disrespect of ESPN: « I am in the Top 100 »

The rankings of the various media on the best players in the league have not finished talking in the NBA microcosm. After Internet users, who have expressed their dissatisfaction, it is a star of the league who spoke against ESPN and what he sees as disrespect.

NBA players have talent, money, rather pleasant lives, but what they have above all, it is an oversized ego … Out of the question for a player, whatever his role or his statistics, to place himself below another. This is the reason why many unconscious dared to challenge Michael jordan in 1 against 1 at the time. Everyone thought they could beat the GOAT, no one did.

So obviously, if the rankings published by the various NBA media make the fans talk, just imagine the discord they must sow in the locker room! In a league where the statutes are particularly important, where the stars all want to be at the top, this arbitrary prioritization on the part of journalists must annoy more than one player.

Moreover, a star of the Clippers decided to protest on social networks after being snubbed by ESPN in its ranking of the 100 best players in the league. It must be said that with his name and his past accomplishments, he could have largely claimed it. His ego must have taken a hit.

I’m definitely in the Top 100 in the NBA. I put baskets for a long time.

Marcus Morris last season, it was 13.4 points and 4.1 rebounds on average in a particularly competitive team. Figures not necessarily impressive but which can be explained by the talent of his teammates. During his previous adventure with the Knicks he was much closer to 20 points, which would obviously have justified a place in the Top 100 of the best players in the league.

Marcus Morris will need to be a Top 100 player to help the Clippers compete while Kawhi Leonard recovers.

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