A star admits: « Without Steph Curry, I wouldn’t even be in the league »

The all-time top shooter in the Big League, Stephen Curry has changed a lot of things in modern basketball. He also paved the way for some players … One of them paid tribute to him recently, explaining that he would not be here without him.

Ten years ago, many people doubted the potential of Stephen curry. Too focused on the shoot, prone to injuries… Today, we are far from all that, the Warrior being considered as one of the best players in history! History to mark the occasion, he took the opportunity to seize the record for successful three-pointers in the regular season (2977 currently), there is little. He passed Ray Allen, who nevertheless took 500 more games to reach his total!

Fred VanVleet pays tribute to the impact of Stephen Curry

A major achievement, not just for him but also for basketball in general. Indeed, where this sport was dominated for decades by interiors, the Chef has shown for ten years that one could win a title by being led only by a guard. In addition to revolutionizing the hierarchy of positions, it has also done so for the game, by democratizing outdoor shooting sometimes excessively.

As a result, today we can see Trae Young, Damian Lillard or even Luka Doncic attempting wagons of long-distance shoots per game, thanks in large part to him. 2019 champion with the Raptors against Golden State, Fred VanVleeet is also part of this category of players (Third in the league in number of winning shots per game in 2021-22, behind Curry and Buddy Hield). Asked by the Toronto sun, the leader was cash: without the n ° 30 to lead the way, he certainly would not have come so far.

It allowed me to be in the NBA first and foremost, three point shooting being what it is today, I’m not sure my career would be the same if I hadn’t been allowed to take the three point shots that I have the right to take and to work on my game that way, to be able to develop my game that way. I might not even be in the NBA.

A sacred tribute from FVV, which shows how the arrival of Dub was decisive for a whole generation. Here again, Baby Face has done a lot to make the league more accessible to less “NBA-type” physics, namely leaders a little smaller and not necessarily ultra-athletic. Changing the orange ball at this point across the Atlantic is not given to everyone, and we are not going to forget it for that.

Fred VanVleet is aware of this, he might never have gone pro without the influence of Stephen Curry. We know a few who are happy to have arrived after the shooter in the league … and others must seriously regret having been there a few years too early!

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