A sporting goods distributor installed at Le Mans station!


Swimsuits or shorts sold in a vending machine! This new device is installed on level -1 of the Le Mans station. Its establishment is the result of a partnership between SNCF and Topsec company. « There you will find fitness products, textile articles, for example bras, T-shirts or leggings« , details Cyrielle Vreko, in charge of communications for the company headquartered in the Paris region. »We also offer accessories such as water bottles, chargers or earbuds for phones as well as items for the swimming pool: swimsuits, hats or glasses.« .

An experiment

Installed next to a photo booth, Gare Nord, this device is somewhat intriguing. « We are targeting a general public, fairly young between 25 and 45 years old« , explains Cyrielle Vreko. The communications officer specifies: »For example people who go on weekends and have forgotten their sports gear. Or people who lack accessories: we sell elastic bands or skipping ropes in particular« .

This implementation is an experiment. Topsec company expects random or at least irregular use of its sporting goods vending machine. It promises a different supply according to the seasons with, for example, less items for swimming during the winter.

Already distributors in swimming pools and sports halls

The advantage of this device is its accessibility 24 hours a day, every day of the year. « The prices charged are lower than those of a classic sports store« , assures Cyrielle Vreko. »No product exceeds 20 €« She assures. The Topsec company has already installed this type of vending machine in three other stations in France, including the Gare de Lyon in Paris. The company says it is, »For more than 20 years, the leader in the field of automatic distribution of items in swimming poolsIt extended its concept to ice rinks in 2011 and to fitness rooms in 2019.

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