a spicy Ford Fiesta ST in the works?

The little sportswoman does not need anything to seduce, but our spy photographers have spotted a slightly peculiar version in full development. Some clues put the chip in the ear as to the arrival of a possible more radical variation of the Fiesta ST.

The current generation of Ford Fiesta ST is the antithesis of the trends observed in the automotive market in recent years. Take a purely thermal engine (but 3-cylinder, the downsizing having been there), associate it exclusively with a manual gearbox, put it all in a compact and light car, and you have in your hands one of the small GTIs. the most exciting of the production. The recipe has worked for years and there is no reason to change a winning team, but Ford appears to be in the process of developing a special version of its sporty city car.

If you don’t notice anything on the bodywork at first, a quick glance at the brakes features gold Tarox calipers that appear to be 6-piston and pinch grooved discs. This « big brake » kit available on the Tarox site seems to indicate a greater need for stopping power, which suggests a more powerful car than the current one, or a circuit version which would need not to weaken, lap after lap. tower.

Revised ground links

At the level of the exhaust, we notice a rough cut in the bumper to pass the double exit, which could be a little bigger than on the Fiesta ST that we know, while the intercooler also seems increased. But it is at the level that the ride height that we see the most difference, the prototype being significantly lower than the Ford currently in the range. What to imagine a revised suspension, probably for even more sportiness.

Special series in preparation? Next generation of sharper Fiesta ST? It is still too early to tell but the sticker affixed to the trunk trunk suggests in any case a joint development with the Chinese ground links specialist BWI. Some rumors speak of a version in tribute to the Fiesta WRC, to recall the last thermal rally car in the premier class before the switch to the hybrid next season, but nothing is less certain. Ford may also decide to make some visual improvements on its little sports car, the prototype of which does not feature the recently restyled grille. Case to follow!

Published on 11/26/2021 Updated 11/26/2021

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