a smoke bomb or pitch invasion will result in a one-year stadium ban

The English league acts and takes the decision to sanction any person possessing a smoke grenade or any individual entering a field.

The 20 Premier League clubs unanimously decided on Wednesday that any spectator with or activating smoke bombs, as well as those who enter the field, will be banned from the stadium for a minimum of one year.

“These prohibitions could be extended to accompanying parents or leaders if children take part in these activities”, also warned the clubs. These measures will come into force on the next Premier League matchday in early October. “Everyone should be able to feel safe and be able to enjoy a game of football. Together, with clubs and partners at all levels of football, we are making it clear that the type of incidents we saw last season must stop,” said PL boss Richard Masters.

« If we don’t take collective and lasting action, it may only be a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt or worse, » he added.

At the end of last season, pitch invasions took place in particular after a play-off between Nottingham Forest and Sheffield United, as well as at the end of a match where Everton had ensured its maintenance against Crystal Palace. During this incident, the French coach of the Eagles, Patrick Vieira, had appeared to kick an opposing supporter who was filming him closely and insulting him copiously, but he was finally exonerated.

Three weeks earlier, Toffees supporters had also used smoke bombs in a victory against Chelsea (1-0). Brazilian striker Richarlison, today at Tottenham, had been suspended for one match for picking up a smoke bomb, waving it then throwing it into the stand, after scoring the winning goal in the 46th minute.

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