a single dose and the Point God can already no longer do without it

Barely a month after losing the Finals to the Bucks – when his Suns were leading 2-0 – Chris Paul wants to rediscover those unique sensations, unique to the ultimate level of world basketball. It must be said that when it has been 15 years that we have been trying to top this stage of the competition, the kiff must be increased tenfold once the objective has been reached. Be careful, however, not to have too many illusions.

He had sniffed Larry O’Brien but that was not enough for him, Chris Paul now wants even more. After XXL Playoffs during which he took, with Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton, the Suns in the Finals for the first time in almost 30 years, CP3 only has one desire: to get back there as soon as possible. We can understand this given the lack of success and luck he has had so far, this appearance on the last step of postseason being the first in an already long 16-season career. After making his debut in 2005 at the New Orleans Hornets without any real stronghold to surround him, then moving to the Clippers where he was the conductor at the time Lob City – aka Choke city – Chris Prolls did not have his first conf finals until 2018 with the Rockets of James Harden. He then fell on the Warriors of Kevin Durant and Steph Curry, and like a galley is until the end, a tendon injury prevented him from playing games 6 and 7 of the lost series. The Point God then recovered in Oklahoma before landing in Phoenix to drop an All-Star season (16.4 points, 8.9 assists and 1.4 interceptions on average) and bring his new franchise back to postseason, for the first time since 2010. At the microphone of Sean Gregory of Time, he confided in his strong desire to return to try his luck, at the top of the platform.

“Losing is never a feeling that feels good. Now that I have tasted this experience (the finals), I feel like… addicted. « 

During the interview, Cricri also confirmed having had hand surgery for the fourth time since joining the NBA. Wounded in the wrist during the Playoffs, the ROY 2006 nevertheless knew how to impose its law and its rhythm in most of the contested matches. Clutchissime all year, he was duly rewarded by the management of the Suns. Indeed, after having intelligently declined his player option At $ 44 million, the leader was offered a contract for 120 potatoes over 4 years. It must be said that a guy who is a member of a All-Defensive Team 9 times, six times best interceptor and quadruple-best passer in the league, it does not run the streets. Ah, and you’ve been told he’s eleven times All-Star and ten times All-NBA, plus? Not bad at all, this little old man.

Maybe the future Hall of Famer would have known that feeling sooner if David Stern had let him go to the Lakers. We know one thing today is that Rajon Rondo’s best friend is approaching retirement and wants to dress his bare fingers, so as not to regret anything. But hey, it’s hard to say if the Clippers, Utah or the Lakers with their reshuffled squad will let the little man’s prayers be answered easily.

Text source: Bleacher Report

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