A scorer available: « Exchange Evan Fournier and a pick for him, please »

The more the days pass, and the less the future of Evan Fournier seems to register on the side of the Knicks. The fans are ready to see him leave at the slightest opportunity… Following the announcement that a scorer would be available for a trade, they immediately demanded a move from Gotham.

Just over a year ago, New York fans welcomed Evan Fournier as a hero. Now, however, the situation has changed a lot… Disappointing since his arrival in the Big Apple, the French international regularly attracts the wrath of the local public while gradually losing importance within the roster. Originally holder under the orders of Tom Thibodeau, he is now only a substitute… but for the supporters, that is still not enough.

Indeed, the latter openly demand a trade from the former Celtic, in order to be able to turn the page. The Knicks aren’t ready to sell him yet. but if he continues on his way, they will soon have no choice… In the meantime, his name appears regularly in the exchange suggestions. Detroit having announced that it wants to discuss a trade around its player Saddiq Bey, some have not let the opportunity slip away:

Fans demand Fournier trade against Saddiq Bey

Bleacher Report : Detroit is accepting calls about Saddiq Bey, sources say.

JC : Evan Fournier and a second-round pick. Make it work, Leon Rose.

For those who don’t know him, Bey is a winger who has been playing in the NBA for two and a half years now. Almost indisputable holder under the colors of the Pistons (151 games started out of 169), he especially stood out for his ability to score regularly with 14 points and 5 rebounds on average in his career, including a peak at 16 units in 2021- 22. Big downside, however, his particularly poor marksmanship (40% shooting, 35% from a distance).

Clearly, he is not a bad player but on paper, he is far from representing a sufficient counterpart for Fournier. This shows how low the rating of the latter is with the NY fanbase… and the worst part of all this is that it’s not just the case on the Gotham side. Following this transfer suggestion, some Michigan supporters did not hesitate to say that they categorically refused to see the Frenchy land at home:

Pistons fans don’t want that shit

After Orlando, Boston and New York, could Evan Fournier discover a fourth franchise in the East with the Pistons? If it were up to the Knicks fans, it would in any case be with great pleasure. it remains to be seen what the two franchises think of it.

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