A relative of Kevin Durant cracks and destroys Rudy Gobert

It’s the fashion of the moment in the NBA: hitting the timber wolves and Rudy Gobert during their bad period. Very disappointing since the injury of Karl-Anthony Towns, the French pivot is under fire from critics, and even the best friend of Kevin Durant spoke about the situation with a rather humiliating comparison for the man with 38 million dollars on the season.

It’s a recurring theme this season in the NBA: the exchange of Rudy Gobert to the Timberwolves remains a question mark for all the skeptics of the first hour, and it becomes so for those who believed in this movement. Since Karl-Anthony Towns’ injury, Minnesota has been slowing down and attitudes are starting to worry in a workforce that already seems on the verge of implosion.

A few days ago, Rudy Gobert’s replacement explained for example that everyone in the locker room knew the team’s big problem, but he couldn’t talk about it openly and preferred to keep it to himself. An intriguing statement that could very well target Rudy Gobert or coach Chris Finch, and which in any case testifies to a deleterious state of mind internally.

Kevin Durant’s best friend exposes Rudy Gobert badly

Moreover, as crazy as it may seem, many are asking for the Frenchman to leave, just 6 months after his arrival in the northern United States. A relative of Kevin Durant just commented on the situation on social media, with two unequivocal images of the fallout from this exchange in Minneapolis and Salt Lake City:

As is often the case when he’s going through a tough time, Rudy Gobert was brought down to his huge salary by Eddie Gonzalez, Kevin Durant’s best friend and co-host of his podcast. For no apparent reason, he decided to expose the minimal statistical difference between the French pivot and his 38 million dollars for the season, and his replacement in Utah, the rookie Walker Kessler.

If the two players played 36 minutes on average, the game time of superstars, the first would run at 15.5 points, 13.5 rebounds and 1.5 blocks, while the second would be barely behind with 13.1 points, 12.4 rebounds and 3.5 blocks. But this comparison is a bit too simple, since Walker Kessler also takes advantage of his short time on the pitch to bring his energy and give himself without counting. With minutes similar to those of Rudy Gobert, he should be much more careful to avoid mistakes. Nothing says he would be as good in a bigger role.

Yes, Rudy Gobert receives a lot of money, much more that indicatesé by its current production. But he’s shown himself to be an All-Star in the past, and when he finally settles into his new franchise, when he has the confidence of his teammates, he could shut many mouths.

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