a real NBA player is in the cast of Adam Sandler’s film

Among the novelties of this June 8, 2022, a film that will please basketball fans! The top of the basket is co-produced by Lebron James and Adam Sandler and features a real NBA player in its cast.

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The month of June has barely begun but there is no shortage of new releases on Netflix! After posting of Borgen, power or glory season 4 or even A perfect mother with actress Julie Gayet, the streaming platform still has a lot to offer. This June 8, 2022 is marked by the release of baby fevera Danish series that follows Nana, doctor, who decides to inseminate her ex-boyfriend’s sperm in the hope of winning him back with a future baby who would bond them for life… As for documentaries, Netflix is ​​not necessarily softer than with Our father to all, telling the story of a man who inseminated his sperm to all the patients in his town, without their knowledge. This Wednesday, the company at N rouge unveils Keep Sweet: Pray and be quiet, a documentary mini-series that will look at the power grab and crimes perpetrated by Warren Jeffs, leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The big news of the day is undoubtedly the release of the film The top of the basketproduced by Adam Sandler, in which he also plays the leading role.

The top of the basket on Netflix, what is it about?

The top of the basket is an American drama film directed by Jeremiah Zagar and co-produced by basketball player Lebron James and Adam Sandler. The pitch of this dramatic comedy: « When a dwindling basketball talent scout spots a promising player in Spain, he sets out to prove that they can both make it in the NBA. » You have understood it, Adam Sandler lends his features to Stanley Sugarman, a basketball coach who is desperately looking for the player who could breathe new life into his career. When he comes across Bo Cruz during a trip to Spain, a tattooed giant in whom no one believes except him, Stanley Sugarman knows he’s got his new heartthrob. He did well to detect his potential because this character is played by a real NBA player in The top of the basket !

Who is Juancho Hernangómez, the interpreter of Bo Cruz in The top of the basket ?

Juancho Hernangómez is a Spanish basketball player who plays as a winger. From the top of his 2.06 meters, he can easily reach the baskets, to the delight of his teammates. On April 26, 2016, Hernangómez joined the internationals who presented themselves for the 2016 NBA Draft. In 2017, he scored six three-pointers against the Warriors and helped the Nuggets tie their NBA record 24 three-pointers in a game. We understand why the player caught the eye of Stanley Sugarman!

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