A rapper smashes Ben Simmons via Michael Jordan!

Ben Simmons didn’t make any friends this summer at Philadelphia. While he is supposed to be on the comeback and undergoing therapy to deal with the Sixers fans who have turned against him, he has been attacked by a rapper who does not understand his lack of character. He didn’t hesitate to compare him to Michael Jordan.

Usually, rappers and NBA players go hand in hand and there are many examples. For example last summer, after the elimination of his Nets, James harden had treated himself to a short week’s vacation in Paris with Atlanta superstar Lil Baby. Their trip was also marked by a more than doubtful police check which had aroused strong reactions on social networks.

This same James Harden also organized a Astroworld themed XXL birthday party, the legendary album by his Texan friend Travis Scott. We can add to this the many videos where LeBron James is rapping, a little drunk, on the sounds of his loved ones, and the numerous appearances of Quavo, leader of the Migos group, in the Hawks’ locker room.

Simmons not as mentally strong as MJ says rapper

Unfortunately for them, not all NBA players are favored by music stars. This is particularly the case of Ben simmons, which has not only made allies this summer. For example, Gillie Da Kid, rapper from Philadelphia, hates the mental « fragility » of the Australian leader. This is in any case what he explained in the show What’s Burning by Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes.

I sincerely think Ben Simmons is a huge disappointment. When you say you’d rather go to mental therapy than stay on that fucking floor and play basketball, which you’ve been doing all your life, there’s a problem. In fact, he’s just scared to step into the field against the Sixers fans.

We have seen Michael Jordan lose again and again to the Pistons. They did everything to destroy him physically. After a while he said ‘you know what, bring the team together, we all have to get stronger. They came back and they won the title. I feel like this new generation has way too much control over the NBA.

Because Michael jordan had the strength of character to grow stronger to defeat the Pistons in the ’90s, Gillie Da Kid expects Ben Simmons to respond in the face of adversity. More than fear, the Australian leader is probably dragging the situation to get the transfer he has been waiting for months, without being too sanctioned financially. No doubt he will be ready if he has to pack his bags.

Ben Simmons is not Michael Jordan, Gillie Da Kid probably did not discover him this summer. Above all, If Ben Simmons says he needs therapy, it is undoubtedly to delay the deadline for his return and why not force an exchange.

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