a Qatar stadium transported to… Africa!

Incredible but true ! The fascinating Stadium 974the first collapsible football arena, will be graciously donated to an African country after the 2022 World Cup ! Made of 974 containers and nestable modules, the impressive infrastructure of 40,000 seats will be completely disassembled into several pieces before being moved to the African continent!

The new removable stadium of Dohabaptized  » Stadium 974 in reference to the number of containers making it up (this is also the telephone code for Qatar), will certainly be one of the great attractions of the next Global which will be organized this year at Qatar.

Designed from thousands of interlocking modules, like a giant Lego set, this breathtaking infrastructure, the first stadium of its kind in the world, will in fact be disassembled into one or more pieces after the competition and offered to one or more several countries in Africa.

Mauritania holds the rope to welcome Stade 974

If initially the Tunisia was presented as a possible destination by several media, the well-informed Mauritanian journalist Lassana Camara asserts in particular that his country, the Mauritaniawould finally hold the rope to welcome the coveted Stadium 974. To be continued…

Mondial 2022 – Overview of Stade 974 in video:

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