a procession of luxury cars sows disorder in the city on the occasion of a wedding


Crossing red lights, using the phone while driving, the wrong way, slaloms through the city, dangerous overtaking, blocking traffic, refusal of priority… The list is as long as your arm, and it is all the offenses noted by the police this Saturday, June 24 in Sens.

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The procession of cars which is responsible for it is a collection of large cars, Lamborghinis, Porsches, or Audi rs3, all rented, and registered abroad. Cars intended to cause a sensation in front of the bride and groom, but which in the end especially gave the police a hard time: the police intervened before the passage in front of the Mayor, to try to restore the situation. They escorted the procession to the town hall of Sens, and fined several drivers.

Many verbalizations

But that did not dampen the ardor of the offenders, who started all over again when the bride and groom left. The police distributed the fines again, under insults and intimidation. The fact that cameras were filming the scene helped to calm things down. The procession then returned to the district of Champs-Plaisants, where he had come from.


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