A player lets go: « I understand better why Ben Simmons wanted to leave »

Back in Philadelphia this week, Ben Simmons received a very mixed reception from supporters. Lots of mockery, shouting, with a flood of insults in the batch. The player must be happy to be a member of the Nets today, and he’s not the only one who thinks so.

A few weeks after his eventful trade, Ben Simmons made his return to the courts of Philadelphia. He was not in uniform, but simply there to support his teammates, and help them in some way. Steve Nash’s men also largely won this match, in a very hostile atmospherewithout any surprises.

We suspected that Sixers fans were going to be angry, but for some, there are lines that should not be crossed. We had the right to insults in the street for the player, who should not regret today having left Pennsylvania. He can be reassured, he can also count on external support.

A former Sixer publicly supports Simmons!

Also traded a few seasons ago, Robert Covington hasn’t been a Sixer for a while. But obviously, the winger has not kept a good memory of the region if we trust his latest reviews on Instagram. In response to a post about Simmons, the player said he wasn’t surprised.

“Philly at its best. Now we understand why he wanted to leave. »

We dare to hope that the reception would have been different if Simmons was still a Sixer, but it is clear that the supporters did not shine Thursday evening with their behavior. If he may have had some doubts, Ben should not regret today having asked for his departure, or even having refused to return to the courts.

Like this t-shirt sold at the entrance of the room, fans were determined to get revenge on Simmons. A regrettable attitude for everyone, especially since the Sixers took a big beating on arrival. Next time, the Australian hopes he will be on the court.

Was Ben Simmons right to leave the Sixers? In any case, he should not regret his choice today, Robert Covington is convinced. A sad advertisement for this public, which has certainly not finished with the former player.

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