A player is controversial: “He is Shaq but better”

Often portrayed as the most dominant player of the modern era, Shaquille O’Neal was a true power monster in the paint, unmatched since. However, this is not the opinion of a current player, who thinks that an All-Star is downright better than the Diesel. And it’s already talking…

There was a time when if you opened a dictionary, you would find the words “Shaquille O’Neal” on the “domination” page. Almost unplayable in its prime, the Big Cactus has terrorized rackets for more than a decade, imposing its physical strength on all opposing defenses. Since then, no player has even come close to that monopoly in the paint…though.

Joel Embiid better than the Shaq according to one of his teammates

Recently, Danny Green indeed spoke about the situation of Joel Embiid, who is having a very high-flying season on the Philadelphia side. And for the sniper, it’s very simple: the Cameroonian is quite simply an O’Neal… only better.

Besides the fact that he is 2m10 and 130 kilos? It’s a force like you’ve never seen before. It’s Shaq with footwork and touch on the ball. We have never seen a big man with exterior qualities like him. Of course it works for. He watches videos every day, knows who’s around him, knows who he’s up against, and knows what advantages he has based on match-ups.

I think the biggest thing is that he’s improved a lot on teaming up, and trusting his teammates. Finding the right reads, the right passes, doing the right action at the right time, so the other guys are on pace and can help him.

Huge compliments from Green, for an Embiid who has 28.9 points, 10.7 rebounds and 4.3 assists this season and who is asserting himself, for the Shaq precisely, like the great MVP.

Despite everything, Green’s remarks caused a stir on social networks. An influential Lakers account notably made a point of posting a video recalling Shaq’s enormous domination, as if to clarify that it is indeed unmatched:

Danny Green should perhaps have turned his tongue in his mouth before daring such an exit, even if we understand his desire to put his leader even more in confidence. Shaq, he must have jumped when he read such remarks…

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