A player badly mocked because of… the size of his « deck »?!

It is one of inconveniences of professional sports American : there are cameras absolutely everywhere, all the time, even in the changing rooms. And after a recent victory over the Lakers, a player from Sacramento found himself in a very embarrassing situation. Indeed, there has been a childish debate about the supposed size of his family jewels…

This is one of the constraints of American professional sport, over-publicized, there is always a camera to film the players, whether in training, during matches, or even afterwards in the privacy of the locker room. For example this season, Draymond Green’s right on Jordan Poole was captured and traveled around the world, whereas a few years ago no one would ever have been able to see this aggression.

Unfortunately, what the Kings photographer took pictures following the victory against the Lakers could have a big impact on the dignity of Kevin Huerter… Indeed, he decided to pose with a teammate to celebrate the success of his people , when he had already taken off his shorts and was only wearing tights. The opportunity for Internet users to take stock of the intimate environment behind.

Kevin Huerter badly displayed on his private parts…

Kevin Huerter does NOT have a big package my god 😭

Kevin Huerter has been a good teammate, he’s celebrated a friend’s accomplishment by posing with him, and he finds himself in the middle of a rather childish debate over the size of his family jewels. The good news is that the momentum of mockery did not last long, and it quickly received the support of Internet users who were totally incredulous at the stupidity of this publication.

I unsubscribed. What are you doing my guy?

Delete as much as you can

Kevin Huerter will no doubt easily pass over this post, and thankfully, he is far too well known and far too rich to care what people say about his family jewels. He has nothing to prove to anyone at this level.

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