A plane crash narrowly avoided by the DRC Leopards

The DRC Espoir National Team delegation can continue to pray and thank their gods. Supposed to leave to play the return phase of the match won 4-1 in Kinshasa against the Algerians, the DRC players between many adventures, narrowly avoided a plane crash. They are indeed not in Sétif, as expected.

The Leopards of the Democratic Republic of Congo do not yet know what sauce they will be eaten, as part of this second day of the CAN qualifiers in their category. First, it was their trip to Algeria, scheduled for Friday October 28, 2022, which was postponed because the government would not have released the necessary funds. Then it was the turn of the hotel they occupied to fire them, because their lease had expired and other customers had already reserved the rooms they occupied.

Finally, after much confusion, the delegation took the road to the international airport of N’djili, where a dark confusion about the flight that should take them to Sétif, awaited them.

The dangerous test flight, of “Air Kasaï”…

“At 6 p.m. from Kinshasa, the first glimmer of hope, the leopards left the hotel heading for N’djili international airport. Arrived on the spot, the players, technical staff, some influential leaders of Fecofa in particular the interim president Donatien Tshimanga or the Belgian secretary Situatala, including the national coach of the senior national team Sebastien Desabre and his collaborators, all did not know not by which plane they will go up. At the slightest question about the situation, the not too clear answer is given several times: “Wait, we will climb in and take off soon”, but on which plane? Nobody was able to answer, inform the media sportrdc.combefore continuing…

The failed crash of the “Air Kasaï”

“At 11:48 p.m., a plane arrives, “Air Kasaï”, one can read, and the Congolese delegation is on board, in there. “There was enormous heat, no ventilation, we were suffocated”, says a source on site. Quickly, the pilot tries twice to start, but without success. The technicians arrive, they have inspected, after a few maneuvers, finally, successful takeoff. Two hours after takeoff in the air, the Air Kasaï plane was just circling in Kinshasa, meanwhile, the whole delegation was already asleep thinking that everything was fine, but around 3am, nothing was working, the Air Kasaï plane, with a serious technical breakdown, turns around and lands in full force in the international airport of N’djili, boom! Everyone on the plane wakes up believing the worst has happened. Fortunately more fear than harm.

“We were told we were going to stopover in Cameroon, when we landed hard we thought we had arrived in Cameroon, when we woke up we realized that we are still N’djili International Airport. Immediately, the Congolese delegation descended from the plane, fear in their stomachs, some players began to shout and others to pray. »

The prospect of a mess of the victory of Léopardeaux, in the first leg

After this dangerous aerial expedition, the entire delegation of the Espoir national team of the DRC had to return to another hotel in Kinshasa, instead of being in Sétif. The match is supposed to be held this Saturday at 6 p.m. in Kinshasa, but at present the victory by 4 goals to 1 seems to have to count for butter, which should satisfy the young Fennecs.

Arnaud BOCCO

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