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Sunday evening, the clash at the top of Serie A between Juventus Turin and Inter Milan (0-1) consisted of a festival of bad shots and rolls on the ground. The actual playing time had to be reduced to its simplest expression as the 22 players systematically looked for fault, especially the Bianconeri at the end. As a result, La Gazzetta dello Sport published a long article this Wednesday to complain about this observable behavior on all terrains in the world and, above all, to try to find a solution.

And the famous Milanese daily may have a good idea: to bring out the player who has fallen to the ground each time. Whether the fault is real or imaginary, he will spend a minute and a half on the sidelines and will only be allowed to return after this time. The idea being that, in hot moments, players will stop trying to save time in this way. At the risk of penalizing their training. An idea that deserves to be dug, even in Ligue 1 …

to summarize

La Gazzetta dello Sport has a solution to put an end to the constant simulations of footballers, which poison the big matches in particular. It would be a matter of taking the player in question out for a minute and a half.

Raphael Nouet


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