A nugget dismissed from the team, his agent breaks and threatens!

While some young players are immediately successful in their franchise, others have a much harder time meeting expectations. This is particularly the case of a nugget in the West, which found itself set aside for the opening of the season. In response, his agent literally destroyed the front office!

Definitely, nothing ever goes with the Kings … A few hours before their start to the season against Portland, the Californians have indeed announced that they were putting one of their main players on the sidelines. It is therefore Marvin Bagley who will not play against the Blazers, which was not at all to the liking of his agent. Adrian Wojnarowski reported the words of this one, and they are incendiary:

Marvin Bagley shelved by the Kings

Sacramento has informed Marvin Bagley that he’s not in the opening night rotation, which is completely confusing. It is clear that they have no plans for it in the future, and yet they have turned down potential trades by last year’s deadline and this summer based on the « value » of the counterparty.

Instead, they chose to bring him back, but not to let him play, a decision totally at odds with their argument of its own « worth. » This is clearly a case study of mismanagement on the part of the Kings organization as a whole.

It is the continuation of a sad soap opera that has been going on for months in Sac-Town. Bagley had thus stopped following his franchise on social networks, which had raised a lot of questions. Asked about the subject, the player had delivered an explosive answer to say the least. This clearly did not please the leaders, who decided to sanction him. On the other hand, no one knows why they took it so late …

In any case, the career of the young interior continues to encounter obstacles. He is particularly ridiculed by many fans for being drafted in front Luka Doncic and Trae Young, who hit the screen every night. This is not really his case … If it is not ridiculous with his 14 points and 7 rebounds on average, we are still far from the expected production of a second draft choice. It remains to be seen whether he will progress to the Kings … or elsewhere.

Marvin Bagley’s agent took out the sulphate, on that one! More seriously, this is one more problematic case for Sacramento, which is desperately trying to clean up. Not sure if it’s for now, apparently.

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