A new trade suggested for the Warriors just before the start of the season!


Now defending champions, we can be sure that the Warriors will do what is necessary next year to retain their crown. There have been some changes over the summer, at least on the bench, and it may not be over yet if we listen to an executive. For the latter, the Californian franchise must make a certain important trade according to him.

With a Stephen Curry in the shape of his life and a Klay Thompson back on the court, the Warriors regained the top of the NBA, getting the better of the Celtics last June. Steve Kerr’s men were able to savor this new ring, especially after months of mockery from specialists, some of whom announced the « end » of the Dubs. We can easily say today that they were all wrong.

But the job is never done, especially when you’re a defending champion. Now that the throne has been found in Golden State, you have to be able to stay there, especially since the suitors to take them back are very numerous. We want to think of the Celtics after their failure in the finals, with a Jayson Tatum who probably wants to redeem himself following his difficult series. We are not even talking about the Sixers, the Nuggets or the Suns.

New trade in sight at the Warriors?

Clearly, the Dubs must prepare for a complicated new season, with franchises that will be motivated to get the best of them. A little help would not be too much according to this anonymous leader, who spoke to the Heavy.com site. According to him, the weakness of GSW is in the racket, with an intermittent Kevon Looney and a James Wiseman who struggles to explode.

If you have Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and even Draymond Green in their thirties, you probably need to make another trade to win again. Myles Turner is such a good fit for them. Everyone is afraid of injuries obviously, but if he is healthy, you can finally stop being destroyed by opposing teams in the racket. And every franchise has a good pivot now, which is worrying.

The pivot position has always been a source of concern for the Warriors, to the point that Rudy Gobert’s name was mentioned a few times in rumors last season. Wiseman is coming back from injury, but must above all prove that he can do this job. In the meantime, everything rests on Looney, who will be responsible for containing the opposing players. Suffice to say that it is not won:

Dallas has strengthened in the key, Denver has Nikola Jokic, Minnesota has KAT and Gobert, Phoenix (Ayton) – they are all in good shape inside. And in the finals, if you fall on Boston or maybe Philly, you will be in trouble. Give up James Wiseman and get Myles Turner for this season and others to come. Wiseman might be a great player in 5 years, but you’ll have a new ring by then.

For this leader, there is no doubt that the great weakness of the Warriors is in the racket. This isn’t the first time this has been mentioned, although the franchise has been unable to find other alternatives. We imagine the Dubs not closing the door, based on the performances of Looney and Wiseman, who will each have pressure.


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