A new trade in discussions at the Lakers!

On two straight losses, the Lakers should take action in the coming days. A trade is most likely by the end of 2022, in order to provide the necessary help for Anthony Davis to try to win a title. It’s also a way for Rob Pelinka to fix his summer mistakes. We have just learned that discussions are underway with a team from the East.

Anthony Davis proved the Lakers could potentially do something this season. It is not yet known if Darvin Ham’s men can aim for the title, but the former Pelicans player deserves to have a roster capable of winning the championship. So it’s up to Rob Pelinka to make changes, and fairly quickly. The supporters have moreover targeted a first player for an exchange.

A reinforcement in sight for the Lakers?

It’s no secret that the Purple and Gold will take action on the market. They hope to find the rare pearl, and are ready to delay in order to find it. But can they really afford to ruin the premium of Davis, at least if he is in good health? The answer is no. This is why discussions with the Knicks are mentioned, with a possible arrival of Cam Reddish.

Ian Begley: “There have been reports that the Lakers are interested in Cam Reddish. The latter came out of the Knicks rotation. But Reddish said he was unaware of a possible trade. However, several teams expressed an interest in the player in January 2022. The Lakers, the Heat and the Bucks contacted New York during this period. »

“It’s interesting that the Lakers and Knicks talked earlier in the month about a potential trade. But it would take a third team to complete it. »

It looks like the Angelinos have set their sights on Reddish, who finds himself in a similar situation to Evan Fournier today. It is not yet clear whether common ground can be found, but it is clear that negotiations will take place.

Why a third team? The Lakers get Cam Reddish back. The Knicks recover Kendrick Nunn, second round of 2025.

this is your chance to have Pat Bev @Wolves

A trade is approaching at the Lakers, and everything suggests that the Knicks will not be far in this deal. Cam Reddish is a possible name, as well as Evan Fournier, also on the way out according to recent rumours. In any case, we expect a little action in the City of Angels.

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