a new rival for the Porsche Taycan?

BeyonCa is a start-up based in China, but which has a design center in Germany, as well as a center dedicated to artificial intelligence in Singapore. Even if its name will not tell you anything, it is managed by the former boss of Volkswagen China and current CEO of Renault China: Soh Weiming. Indeed, if its investors are not necessarily put forward, BeyonCa can count on the financial support of Renaultas well as the Chinese car giant, Dongfeng.

BeyonCa has just unveiled its very first model: the BeyonCa GT Opus 1, a high-end electric sedan that wants to compete with the Porsche Taycan. To stand out, it embeds unexpected features for an electric vehicle, and the Chinese company even aims to« setting the standard for a premium electric vehicle ».

BeyonCa GT Opus 1: a smart vehicle

BeyonCa is a contraction of « Beyond » and « Because »which means « Beyond the Car » in English: and indeed, the GT Opus 1 is not content to be a simple high-end electric sedan, it also features smart features never before seen in a car, which go beyond the autonomous driving systems which also equip it.

For example, it is equipped with specific sensors that record and analyze the health and blood pressure data of the driver. It is then able to react accordingly, if a medical emergency occurs: if the driver is the victim of a heart diseasethe car regains control of driving, to…Read more on Autoplus

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