a new partnership that says a lot about its ambitions

Sorare has just announced the signing of a licensing agreement with the Premier League for four years!

Sorare is taking a new historic step in its development. After the NBA and MLB, Sorare continues to build a global sports community by offering millions of fans the opportunity to play with the three biggest sports leagues.

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The Premier League: the most watched football competition in the world

After having raised 680 million dollars, Sorare therefore holds the most followed football league in the world. This agreement between Sorare and the 20 Premier League clubs will see players’ digital trading cards distributed in its online fantasy football game. This offers fans a new way to connect with their favorite club and players (Erling Haaland, Kevin de Bruyne, Bukayo Saka, Harry Kane, etc.).

The Premier League is the most watched football competition in the world. Premier League matches are broadcast to 880 million homes in 188 countries, by 90 broadcasters and over 400 channels. The Premier League and its clubs have nearly a billion social media followers. The British public has an affection for football and invests in their favorite teams. For Sorare, this represents a considerable source of potential players, adding to the international reputation of the English league. With the simultaneous arrival of the NBA and the Premier League, a large number of players should be attracted to meet the expectations of Sorare, existing players and investors.

Like a team manager, Premier League fans can now trade officially licensed player cards, collect them, build teams, and compete in the free-to-play fantasy football game. get rewards. To mark this new partnership, Sorare has also launched new game features, including special Premier League competitions, draft mode and capped mode competitions.

With over three million users, Sorare is one of the most popular online sports games in the world and offers the Premier League a new way to strengthen the connection with its supporters.

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