a new Italian delirium at 7 million euros


An independent studio

It is the first model of the new Italian company 777 Motors, an entity founded by Andrea Levy, entrepreneur and car collector based in Monza, who designed this racing car with the help of Dallara, well known to be the main manufacturer of single-seaters in the world. The track-only hypercar was first announced in November 2022, but a closer-to-production version was previewed with new renderings at the 2023 Milano Monza Motor Show (MiMo) over the weekend. end.

The exterior was designed by Turin-based designer Umberto Palermo, who had designed the Mole 001 a few years earlier, a sort of extreme Alfa Romeo 4C. The designer is clearly inspired by Endurance prototypes and new WEC Hypercars for the 777 and explains: “aims to satisfy needs, even those related to dreams. The front comes from activities related to the physiognomy, from the creation of an expressive language that comes from the very eyes of the car: the headlights. The side translates into a series of organic shapes combined with vertical planes, balancing aerodynamics with attention to detail, enhancing movement even when the car is not rolling, giving it a dynamic and slender line. The real challenge was to combine sportiness and technicality with the traits that have always distinguished the design house’s work and creations. A challenge that has led to lines capable of giving iconicity, creating a marriage between a racing car and a hypercar. »

A Hypercar almost for every day?

The aerodynamics are aggressive to perfection, with a large front splitter, a vertical shark-shaped fin, the huge rear wing and the prominent diffuser, all of which has been made possible by the absence of any limitation since the 777 hypercar is not intended to be street legal and was not designed to comply with any type of motorsport regulations. The same goes for the slim LED light units, the drop-shaped canopy and the network of vents and air channels all around the body.

Dallara made the monocoque out of FIA-approved carbon fiber, aerodynamics and engineering. The model is powered by a mid-mounted naturally aspirated 4.5-litre V8 engine developed by Gibson Technology, a well-known UK-based Endurance LMP2 manufacturer, without any kind of electric assist. The engine, freed from all regulatory constraints, generates 740 horsepower (why not 777 CV?) at 9,000 rpm and runs on synthetic fuels.

Radical performance?

Weighing just 900 kg, the 777 Hypercar has a top speed of 370 km/h where the extreme aerodynamics generate up to 2,100 kg of downforce. Braking and suspension components are motorsport sourced, allowing lateral acceleration of between 3.5 and 4.0g. In order for riders to be able to withstand these kinds of forces, 777 Motors will guide them through a dedicated technical and physical training program that includes laps on a simulator. Sparco will provide racing and safety gear, while Stilo will provide the helmet.

According to the company, the first deliveries to customers are scheduled for 2025. Interestingly, the 7 units will still remain in Monza, where the brand is headquartered. Owners will be able to visit whenever they wish, use the track and participate in « exclusive events » that will take place throughout the year. According to an official video from the small manufacturer, the target lap time at Autodromo Nazionale Monza is 1 minute and 33 seconds, making it 20 seconds slower than a 2023 F1 single-seater. Tantalizing numbers but which will have to be confirmed in real life! It’s still 9 seconds better than the Mercedes AMG one!

This 777 will be sold at the exorbitant price of 7 million euros for an ultra-limited production of only 7 models.


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