« A more human paddock in IndyCar »

After a short trip on the ice in Andorra last weekend, Romain Grosjean returned to Miami to prepare for his American season.

The Franco-Swiss driver left his friend Julien Fébreau to look for a new teammate (the rallyman Pierre-Yves Loubet) this weekend at Isola 2000 at the Andros Trophy to get down to business.

Grosjean will compete in the 24 Hours of Daytona for the first time at the end of the month with the defending WTR (Wayne Taylor Racing) team in an Acura Dpi alongside Ricky Taylor, Felipe Albuquerque and his new IndyCar teammate Alexander Rossi.

Then it will be the return to IndyCar with winter testing at Sebring for Andretti Autosport, the top team in which he will compete in the entire IndyCar championship including Indy 500 for the first time.

During a small promotional tour for his book death in front (Editions City), Grosjean spoke about the significant differences between F1 and motor racing in the United States.

“When you live ten years in the world of Formula 1, you see extraordinary things but also ugly things, he told the Figaro. All the F1 drivers had my mobile number, but I didn’t get any text messages last year to check on me. »

“There were thousands of messages after my accident, of course, including some pilots the same evening, he admits though. Sebastian Vettel came to the hospital, like Esteban Ocon, but once I got back to Switzerland, I had no further contact with the F1 community. »

« In the USA, the atmosphere is more relaxed and the relations frankly friendly with the other pilots, emphasizes Roman. It’s healthier, the rivalry is strictly sporting and the paddock is certainly more human in IndyCar. »

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