A member of the Lakers and Crowder get confused on the networks!

If the Suns were able to get rid of the Lakers in the first round, the series was especially marked by the verbal clash between Jae Crowder and the Californian franchise. And it seems far from over… The Phoenix winger has indeed fallen out with a member of LA on Instagram!

While the defending champions, the Lakers fell on a huge bone in the first round of the postseason. Opposed to very surprising Suns this season, the Californians fell in six games, and had to see their opponents make their way to the Finals. Not the most pleasant of experiences …

On top of that, their early elimination earned them big taunts from Arizona, especially Jae Crowder. However, Phoenix’s loss to the Bucks allowed Angelino fans to get their revenge… One of them notably sent a nice spade to the former Celtic on Instagram:

I didn’t want to do this because I was strongly encouraging Phoenix… but it is not wise to slash the champagne after a victory in the 1st round

Indeed, it could well be that JC has sold the skin of the bear before having killed it… On the side of the Lakers, in any case, one rubs the hands of the disappointment of the winger. Phil Handy, assistant coach in LA, in any case took advantage of this post to send a clear message to Crowder:

« It’s no fun when the rabbit has the gun » We will remember these c ******* s.

Handy is referring here to what Cactus said after qualifying his franchise, who allowed himself to publicly humiliate LeBron James on social networks. One thing is certain, the announcement did not escape the interested party, who hastened to respond to the coach. The latter, on the other hand, rebuffed him with an unequivocal punchline:

Jae Crowder: I am glad you will remember it! As for me, I will remember Game 3 and all your provocations.

Phil Handy: You know I adore you, but first earn a title, then you can talk as much as you want. Good luck to you !

And boom ! This one, we feel it pass. It is true that, unlike Phoenix, the Lakers were able to win their banner last year. For Monty Williams’ men, it could just be a lot harder to go to the Finals in 2021-22, with the West getting stronger every season and Chris Paul’s possible departure. Summer promises to be busy …

It could well be that the altercation between Jae Crowder and the Lakers will continue next year. Bring out the popcorn, there will be some action!

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