A media unveils the top 10 best strong wingers … angry fans!

Before each round, the US media always like to rank the best players in each position. The latest? The strong wingers, which makes the fans react. Many will disagree, and some are already furious on social media.

While waiting for the NBA to resume, the US media still like to rank the best players in the league for the coming season. Lately, that of the leaders had made a lot of debate among the fans, especially because of the ranking of Russell Westbrook. After a few days, we now move to the position of strong winger, and there are a lot of people.

It was the HoopsHype site that lent itself to the exercise, with Giannis Antetokounmpo taking pride of place in first place, just ahead of Anthony Davis. Some are already raging on the side of the City of Angels, not agree with this idea. For others, it’s Julius Randle’s ranking that doesn’t appeal.

AD> Giannis. Don’t let recent stories get you 💯

LMAOOOOOOO they even put Randle in front of Siakam.

For others, John Collins is too high. Not surprisingly, a lot of debate in the lot, but a top 3 that agitates Internet users. Should Giannis be ahead of AD after his superb season with the Bucks? Let’s say we hope for a duel at the top between the two to find out who is the best.

As often, these rankings generate a lot of reactions, and often not very flattering. Anthony Davis and Giannis Antetokounmpo are at the center, they who are considered to be the best. But who is number 1? We will have the opportunity to make a new opinion for the recovery. Strongly.

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