A man jumps on a Lamborghini, the owner of the car makes him regret (VIDEO)

In the United States, a man couldn’t help but run on the roof of a sports car. Unfortunately for him, the owner of the vehicle was a few meters away.

Noisy, shiny, powerful, sports cars catch the eye. After all, they are made for that and their owners know it well (it is surely even part of the pleasure of owning a prestigious vehicle). But like many luxury items, sports cars can make some people jealous. In San Francisco, a man showed his (or his disgust, we don’t know) in a somewhat unusual way after crossing paths with a superb Lamborghini…

He jumped on the car

The facts took place in 2017, in San Francisco, California. While a red-colored Aventador Superveloce was parked in town, a passer-by went into a frenzy. He had an irrepressible urge to… jump on it! In a video, we can see him running on the luxury car, going from the roof to the trunk.

Act of jealousy, hostility, simple prank? We don’t know, but the action of this man with a backpack has in any case caused the amazement of other passers-by. The owner of the vehicle, who was standing right next to it, however, did not like the valve too much.

He was mastered very quickly

As the man in the backpack was about to take another lap, stepping on the car from the trunk this time, the owner of the vehicle this time saw him coming and the has mastered.

Unfortunately, things did not turn out in the troublemaker’s favor: passers-by asked the motorist to let it sink and drive away, but the confusion escalated, and after a few punches , the man with the backpack found himself on the ground, unconscious. Admittedly, jumping someone’s car is never a good idea (whether the vehicle is luxury or not), but not sure that this act deserved such violence in return.

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