A major Heat player puts pressure on, departure in sight?


The Heat had a season light years from the previous one… And things could get even worse in the months to come! Indeed, an executive put a lot of pressure on its leaders! We’ll have to take out the checkbook!

The fairy tale of the Heat will not last long… After a fantastic playoff campaign in the bubble, punctuated by a rather unexpected appearance in the Finals, Miami failed to capitalize. This is undoubtedly the fault of blind confidence in certain players who still had everything to prove. When we think that Pat Riley could have had James Harden in exchange for Tyler Herro… What a fiasco !

So inevitably, after the sweep received against the Bucks, there are many uncertainties in Florida… Who should stay? Who should go? The only thing that is certain is that it will take change to regain contender status in an increasingly competitive Eastern conference.

Luckily, Duncan Robinson could help the franchise turn the page by leaving the ship. Free agent next summer, he will have the leisure to accept all the offers which will be made to him, and he has clearly announced his intention to test the market. As he expressed at Sun Sentinel, he will be looking for a juicy contract!

I take several factors into account in my decision… First of all, and this is the most important, I want a team where my profile matches. I want to be somewhere where I am very comfortable. But it’s also a business, and I’m lucky to be able to receive a big check to take care of my whole family. So sincerely it is also a priority.

I want to find a place where all of these criteria are met. Obviously I had a great time here, experienced great things and I love the Heat franchise. We’ll see, and for the moment I don’t think 100% of that. But within several weeks I will have to gather as much information as possible.

Duncan Robinson knows it, his profile can no longer be sought in the NBA, and even more among the contenders for the title! While he’s not a great defender, his skill behind the arc is a blessing for any team looking to back a superstar. His 13.1 points and 40% long distance success could allow him to take cover!

Not drafted when he left Michigan, Duncan Robinson necessarily seeks to secure his future and that of his family by winning a big contract … Fortunately, the Heat will be able to match all the offers!


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