A madman plays smart at the wheel of a Lamborghini in the streets of Beauvais under the nose of the police

The police seized the Lamborghini worth €300,000.
The police seized the Lamborghini worth €300,000. (© Oise Police)

The images from video surveillance cameras added to the testimony of a police commissioner who followed his « exploits » at the wheel of his Lamborghinicould be very expensive for a young Beauvaisien who is too well known to the police…

At more than 100 km/h in the city center of Beauvais

Last Wednesday, September 15, this driving madman multiplied the offenses to the highway code and sometimes rolled at more than 100 kilometers per hour in the streets of the city centermultiplying the swerves and sudden accelerations that are extremely dangerous for pedestrians and other cars that cross its path.

Worse, the young man was still under probationary license. Manager of a luxury car rental company, the Beauvaisien had borrowed one of his cars, from a value of €300,000 to pay for a rodeo downtown.

He was smart, but now he’s going to checkout

He wanted to play smart now he will go to the checkout. He obviously couldn’t imagine that an unmarked car driven by a commissioner was following him to record his actions.

The commissioner noting the dangerousness of this completely crazy behavior was quick to sound the alarm. This is how the Lamborghini came across a welcome committee in good standing at the Avenue de la République. Arrested, the driver is liable to a one-year prison sentence and a fine of €15,000 as provided for by the 2018 law on the fight against motorized rodeos.

The Lamborghini seized by the police

The €300,000 car was also seized by the police who did not fail to expose it’ on social networks. For example.

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