A look back at the Kings’ season, head by head, case by case


At the end of the season, the majority of NBA players are on vacation and evaluations can therefore begin. At TrashTalk, we decided to do a class council for each franchise, with an assessment for each player: 30 teams, 450 players diagnosed! Kings side? Between darlings and “Gérards”, we are surely on one of the most appreciated rosters of this season.

De’Aaron Fox: what a great season for the Sacramento fox! First time All-Star, first qualification in the Playoffs and more than assumed franchise player responsibilities. The leader of the Violets has clearly increased his scoring efficiency this season with a more than dangerous dangerousness in the paint. As a bonus? A small trophy for the most clutch player in the league to highlight the milestone reached.

Domantas Sabonis: the hub of this Kings moving offense. Domas is perhaps the most important player in this squad when you consider how involved he is in attack. And on the other side of the field, the Lithuanian fridge ensures the minimum of defense by protecting the circle, even if it is not the Chinese wall either. Clearly the mainstay of the team.

Kevin Hurter: one of the best stories of the season for these Kings. Kevin has clearly passed a milestone this season: shooting efficiency skyrocketing with one of the best 3-pointers in the league. Sabonis’ favorite hand-to-hand partner. Too bad he went on vacation earlier leaving his team in the Playoffs…

Keegan Murray: who remembers the valves at the Draft 2022 when Sacramento let slip Jaden Ivey? Even if the draft picks are judged over several years, the experienced rookie has clearly fulfilled the contract of his rookie year. Defense on the man of good level, 3-points of really good shooter: the cocktail of 3&D is already ready! Not to mention his magnificent Playoffs campaign against Golden State. A sophomore season to follow closely.

Harrison Barnes: that’s a good veteran who you can count on and who does the job without flinching. Barnes has clearly brought to this collective attack in which he finds himself sublimated. Another reliable parking lot shooter who takes advantage of Mike Brown’s precepts to get the job done. With 82 games played this season, the Sacto winger is clearly a reliable and important part of the project. Free agent this summer, it will logically be one of the priorities of the front office.

Malik Monk: so he’s not afraid of much. What’s not to like watching Malik with a basketball in his hands? The offensive firecracker of the Kings is one of the players who have the most responsibility in attack compared to his playing time. All with an honorable shooting efficiency! Pay your 6th luxury man.

Davion Mitchell: after an encouraging sophomore season, difficult to project on the progression of Davion. He is surely the player who suffers the most from the arrival of Malik Monk: much less playing time and clearly not optimal in Mike Brown’s offensive system. Well there is always this exceptional defense on the external positions that we know him well now but the offensive dead weight that he represents necessarily requires that he be well surrounded to play on the ground. Even if there is notable progress in attack this season, how far can he really go? Case to follow for Sacto’s watchdog.

Terence Davis: same, new player who suffers a little from the rise of Malik to make his place on the back line. Good old Terence still has interesting offensive weapons like his 3-pointer (hold one more shooter) and his drive, but it’s not enough to counterbalance his really poor shooting efficiency and his sometimes questionable shot selection. Some hot shots certainly but also air pockets.

Trey Lyles: who would have thought at the start of the season that Trey Lyles could play a real role in a competitive team? Once again, Lyles is the perfect example of what Mike Brown has instilled in Sacramento this year. A collective attack in which he can contribute thanks to his reliable 3-pointer. Clearly not a reference in terms of replacement, but it does the trick in this game system!

Chimezie Metu: a spot clinched in the inner rotation but more than limited minutes for Metu who has played more than 20 minutes only once this season. Playing time due to his rough circle protection, but playing time all the same thanks to the Kings’ needs in this position.

Richaun Holmes: titular pivot a few years ago, Richaun was clearly ousted by Mike Brown’s system and the arrival of Sabonis last year. A defense too weak and measurements too limited for his position. If Metu was able to survive the small-ball, Richaun paid the price.

Kessler Edwards: so that’s the same, it’s real good pickaxe for the Kings. For 2, 3 peanuts, you get a young player with 3&D potential who fits perfectly with the purple jersey and Sacto’s offensive philosophy. Bon Kessler still has a lot of promise to make, especially in terms of his outside shot, but this bet was clearly worth it given the price at which Brooklyn wanted to part with it to make room for Kevin Durant’s trade.

Alex Len: after visiting a lot of franchises in recent years, Alex Len finds himself on the Sacramento bench this season where he is more of an extra than anything else. But be careful because the interior had a role in the rotation in the Playoffs when Mike Brown wanted to insist on the offensive rebound at the start of the series against the Warriors. The rest, we do not care.

KZ Okpala: the former interior of the Heat has never had a concrete role within this workforce. A few matches in troubleshooting and garbage time galore to make an appearance. A tendency to make too many mistakes in defense which really complicates his place, especially in his position…

Matthew Dellavedova: the veteran Sacramento beaver has waxed the bench well this year. It must be said that between injuries and competition, the Australian is logically relegated to the bottom of the rotation. And that’s quite normal.

PJ Dozier: complicated for PJ who tries to avoid injuries as much as possible. Game time at the end of the season but samples still too low for anything. We wish him health above all…

Neemias Queta: little playing time this season for the Portuguese interior with only 5 small games in the Big League. It must be said that he especially thrives in the G League where he finished in the 1st Team this season. At 23, we can still have hope for an NBA career, but his development has already begun. Interesting to see how Sacramento will handle their case for next season, especially when we know the needs inside.

Keon Ellis: the other Kings rookie has had no opportunity to express himself in the Big League this season apart from the garbage time. G League life for Keon.

Chima Moneke: the Nigerian player who knows the French championship well had signed with the Kings this summer. Apparently not convinced, Sacramento only played him… 2 games before being relegated to the G League and cut last January. Immediate return to France in the jersey of Monaco.

Deonte Burton: remember the 2, 3 peanuts for the Kessler Edwards trade? Bah Deonte Burton was one of them.


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