A little optimism!


The editorial30 NOV. 2021 | Romain Guillot | 447 words A little optimism!

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That it already seems far from the Dubai Airshow, with its some 80 billion dollars in contracts and commitments announced in five days. After a return to the cold and the gray, we have found an old Europe which finds itself again as the epicenter of the pandemic at the global level, with its new health restrictions, the generalization of the vaccine booster and now this great concern about the Omicron variant. .

The panic of stock prices and the first border closings, taken in an emergency and unilaterally and not in concert to hope to come to slow the epidemic, are once again the symptoms of a real panic, but a panic that is based on doubts rather than certainties. The effects are already devastating and it is as if we had simply returned twenty months or so, as if we …

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