A little-followed but appreciated e-sport tournament


A great first at the Madeleine-Sologne space in La Ferté-Saint-Aubin, where an e-sports tournament was held, organized by the municipal youth council.

Twenty-two participants, only, had made the trip. A disappointing number for the organizers who had bet on 80 gaming stations…

Nevertheless, the technical success confirmed them in the soundness of their approach. Indeed, everything worked perfectly, the Wifi, the online games went smoothly, under the leadership of Jonathan, from the Regional Youth Information Center (Crij), and the equipment followed.

For practical reasons, the organizers had limited the games offered during this tournament to two: League Of Legends, a heroic-fantasy game mixing dragons and medieval battles; and the famous football game, Fifa. At the helm, a skewer of male players, with the exception of Clotilde, a 25-year-old Fleuryssoise.

Bruno Tanguy, the director of the Maison de la Courtille, who has helped the young people on the board a lot, specifies that he would like to see this event continue at La Ferté, given the smooth running of the tournament.

In addition to the e-sports tournament, other activities had been organised: cosplay parade, manga costumes, retro games, old console games, arcade machine made by young people from the Maison de la Courtille, manufacture of game figurines in 3-D printing, virtual reality presented by the Crij…


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