a less sporty and more luxurious Performante

The Lamborghini Urus S takes the place of the classic Urus. Just after presenting the Urus Performante which set a record at Pikes Peak earlier this year, the Italian firm unveils the Urus S. It keeps the same twin-turbo V8, but gives pride of place to luxury more than At the sports.

Take a Performante. Make it less sporty and more luxurious. You have the brand new Urus S. Where the original Urus developed 650 horsepower and needed 3.6 seconds to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h, the new model develops 666 horsepower and reaches 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. (3.3 seconds for the Performante). Top speed is still 305 km/h, compared to 306 km/h for the Performante. The difference in weight between the Urus S (2,197 kg) and the Performante (2,150 kg) explains these slight differences in performance. But where the two models really differ is in price. The Urus S costs 195,538 euros in Italy, which makes it significantly cheaper than the Performante displayed at 218,487 euros.

Although both models share the same powertrain, the Performante is touted as a more extreme SUV, while the S focuses a bit more on luxury and comfort. To differentiate it from the old Urus, this Urus S notably has a new front bumper with a stainless steel protective plate painted in matt black as standard. The rear fascia is also new and also comes with a matte black underside. In fact, the entire diffuser is matt black, which highlights the tailpipes which are in brushed steel as standard, but can be painted in matt chrome or glossy black.

Less aggressive, more versatile

There is also a full carbon bonnet, carbon roof and new 22-inch and optional 23-inch rims for customers who feel that the standard 21-inch rims do not properly fill the Urus’ bodybuilt wheel arches.

The interior has not escaped a small upgrade either. While the overall dashboard structure and control layout remain the same, Lamborghini offers new trims and additional customization options to satisfy all customers. A welcome facelift in the face of ever-increasing competition : Aston Martin DBX, Ferrari Purosangue, BMW XM… The Urus is no longer alone.

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