A LeBron-Cavs reunion? “It is possible, but on this condition”

Already passed twice by Cleveland in his career, LeBron James could well return there in the years to come. It is in any case the rumor that swells in recent hours, even more since the revelations of an insider close to the Cavaliers!

For now, his involvement in the Lakers project is not the subject of any debate. See you soon 38 years old, LeBron James remains fully focused on the objectives of his franchise, and hopes to taste the joys of a title again this season. Even beyond, since he recently extended his contract for two seasons, one of which is optional, until 2025. And yet, some insiders are already looking at his future.

The King has never hidden it: he dreams of teaming up with his eldest son, Bronny, when he arrives in the NBA. This explains his player option, which will eventually allow him to join him in 2024. It remains to be seen where this crazy duo could be formed. Certain size indices suggest in particular that Cleveland would serve as the perfect reunion spot. A version that has not been denied by a well-informed journalist.

The Cavs’ demands for a LeBron return

In the last episode of HoopsHype PodcastCleveland.com’s Chris Fedor says a reunion between LeBron and the Cavaliers could happen, but not just anyhow:

I think the Cavs would be okay with it happening, but on their own terms. Fair conditions. Conditions that are very different from those that allowed his return in 2014.

Indeed, even if LBJ accepts minimum wage to return to Ohio, it will apparently take more to satisfy the Cavs’ leaders:

When you pick up LeBron, there’s a lot of stuff that goes with that move. He wants power. He wants to be involved in decision-making vis-à-vis the roster, and the people who are involved in the franchise.

He wants to be at the center of everything and have a team built around his strengths, things like that. The Cavaliers wouldn’t want to find themselves in that kind of situation. They are happy with what they have now, especially after the addition of Donovan Mitchell. In 2014 it was different. They needed a savior, and the return of LeBron to allow them to reach a higher level.

Omnipotent in the various franchises where he has been able to evolve so far, Bron will therefore have to give up on this omnipotence if he wishes to put on the Cleveland jersey again. An important criterion, which could well have an impact on his plans. Until then, however, he has time to think about it, and possibly wait for a downturn in the Cavs front office!

If LeBron James does indeed wish to return to his first love, and join the Cavaliers again, he will therefore a priori be obliged to abandon his status as shadow GM. Not sure that this is a concession he is ready to make!

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