A league star enlists a UFC bully to train him!

All means are good to start the new season in great shape, including the one aiming to collect advice from other star athletes. A league figure understood this, and thus received help from a UFC terror in his preparation!

Year after year, specialists are making new advances in the field, which top athletes are quick to implement in their daily routines. Physical preparation plays a key role in the performance of every athlete, including in the NBA. Therefore, some compete in inventiveness to return to the courts with an advantage over their opponents. This sometimes leads them to… the octagon.

Jamal Murray trains with Alexander Volkanovski

Even if the NBA and the UFC do not a priori have much in common, except for an international notoriety which ranks them among the biggest leagues in their respective sports, their members sometimes come together to s help. This was again observed a few days ago, when a certain Alexander Volkanovski, featherweight champion and leader of the pound-for-pound ranking, shared training with Jamal Murray!

Adorned with the Nuggets jersey, flocked in the name of the Canadian rear, Volkanovski was able to display his shooting mechanics, relatively good for a novice. This, before abandoning the orange ball to return to his favorite discipline, and borrowing the teacher’s costume to guide Murray in terms of striking technique. A moment of sharing that is surprising to observers.

Indeed, the latter can wonder what can be the contributions of such an exchange between two stars of sports at first sight very different. Rudy Gobert can certainly provide them with some answers, he who had made the buzz with another figure from the fight universe a few weeks ago. Anyway, the best moments of this reunion between Murray and Volkanovski can be tasted in the video below!

Liveliness, footwork technique, foresight in the effort: Jamal Murray and Alexander Volkanovski were able to discuss all these points during their recent viral meeting. To see if the latter will contribute to a big comeback from the back of Denver!

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