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At the end of his contract with Atlético de Madrid after two years at the Wanda Metropolitano, Luis Suárez was not retained and must now find a way out. The Uruguayan international could well return to the Premier League, on the side of Aston Villa. More

Suárez at Atlético, a complicated end

Luis Suárez will have spent two seasons at Atlético de Madrid. And the least we can say is that the Uruguayan will have known absolutely everything. The title in its first year, then farewell after a much more complicated second exercise. The tears of the former Barça player after the coronation in 2021 contrast with those on the lawn of the Wanda Metropolitano during his last, surrounded by his wife and children.

Luis Suárez has scored 13 goals for Atlético this season.  (Icon Sports)
Luis Suárez has scored 13 goals for Atlético this season. (Icon Sports)

The Uruguayan will not have had the desired outing, with considerably reduced playing time and ups and downs. In 45 matches played, and rarely a starter, Suárez has shaken the net 13 times, in all competitions. And while many say he is on the decline and closer to an exotic destination, the former Barça player could well find a championship he knows well.

Aston Villa as a base?

Indeed, according to the British press and in particular the Telegram, Luis Suárez could bounce back in the Premier League at Aston Villa. Free as the air, the Charrua would be one of Steven Gerrard’s targets for this summer. The two men know each other very well, they who evolved together in Liverpool between 2011 and 2014. He would also find there one of his great friends, Philippe Coutinho, whom he knew at the Reds then at Barça.

Aston Villa has also definitely recruited the Brazilian, who was on loan from the Catalan club this season. The English also enlisted Boubacar Kamara, free of any contract after his long Marseille adventure, before achieving a big blow with the arrival of Diego Carlos from Sevilla FC, against nearly 30 million euros. With Luis Suarez, this team could look great.

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