A Laker provokes a Clipper with a big punchline!

A time forgotten, the famous « Battle of Los Angeles » resumed service on the night of Friday to Saturday, with the close match won by the Clippers to the detriment of the Lakers (119-115). Enough to push a purple and gold player to throw a punchline at one of his rivals …

This is called a prestige victory. Deprived of Kawhi Leonard (long absence) and a Nicolas Batum still out, the Clippers still managed to win against the Lakers on the floor of the Staples Center. A match long undecided but purring, which ended up igniting the crowd as the scenario of a boiling end of the match was written in the last quarter.

It must be said that compared to what had been hyped during the summer of 2019, the “Battle of LA” has for the moment given birth to a mouse. The two Los Angeles franchises have never met in the playoffs, and rather than falling apart with each other, they have instead been busy dealing with their respective issues and the emergence of the Warriors and Suns to the Where is.

Kendrick Nunn dares a big punchline to a Clipper

The fierce match of Friday night could however change the situation somewhat. While he still hasn’t played a minute in the purple and gold jersey due to a lingering injury, Kendrick Nunn warmed himself by responding to Isaiah Hartenstein’s Instagram post in belligerent terms:

Hartenstein: “Big victory tonight, we move on to the next one! « 

Nunn: « Wait till I come back, you all will understand who the bosses of LA are »

Quite aggressive remarks from the former leader, which we will blame for a furious desire to finally tread the floors and make his contribution. Nunn knows it well: after two seasons around 15 points on average for Miami, there is a place to take in the Californian rotation for the position of conductor.

Russell westbrook cannot do everything alone, especially as he does not always do it well, and Rajon Rondo, aging, no longer has his luster of yesteryear. So K-Nunn has his teeth, but not sure that throwing punchlines at big rivals after a loss is the best way to shine at the moment.

Died of hunger a stone’s throw from his return, Kendrick Nunn does not hesitate to provoke the Clippers head-on. It will now be necessary to ensure on the floors …

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