A Laker protests: « We are not a team worthy of the title »


Propelled by some as big favorites for the title following the Russell Westbrook trade, the Lakers are struggling to justify this status at the start of the season. A member of the workforce is not mistaken, and called cash his teammates to question themselves!

Role player injuries that have been added since the start of preparation; the lack of chemistry following the large recruitment carried out during the offseason; repeated absences from Lebron james… There are many reasons for an apology for the Lakers. Despite this, it is impossible for them to hide behind them, to fully justify their failed start to the season.

Despite a balance sheet still in balance at the moment (5-5), the angelino franchise disappoints, whether in terms of results, or in terms of the game. She even seemed to hit rock bottom against the Blazers, this Saturday, unable to take even once the lead of the meeting. Obviously, the faces wanted to be closed on the Purple & Gold side in the post-match conference.

Dwight Howard castigates the Lakers’ attitude

Sent to the press following his best honorable performance (11 points, 6 rebounds), Dwight Howard delivered a final report to Damian Burchardt of Lakers Nation.

When you’re on the floor, you have to play a lot harder. Every possession should count. We just have to play harder, that’s all.

This lack of impact and involvement was at the center of the criticisms addressed by the fans at the end of the game. He has been repeating himself tirelessly since the start of the season, and does not seem ready to disappear. Locker room leader, Howard therefore tried to reason with his partners, with a speech crying out for truth. For him, his team would not be humble enough.

If we want to win, we must remain humble. We are not the team worthy of the title that we would like to be at the moment, so if we want to assume our status, we have to remain humble. This is not a criticism of our qualities as players. It’s just as a team. If you want to win, be it at any level, you have to stay humble.

This heavy defeat on the floor of the Moda Center, which would even have turned into a blowout without the garbage-time and the beautiful entrance of Sekou Doumbouya, could at least have the merit of awakening the troops of Frank Vogel. Without it, they are headed for a huge disaster. Because in the absence of having been able to take advantage of a relatively affordable schedule in recent weeks, they will quickly have to deal with more serious oppositions!

After only 10 games played, Dwight Howard has already felt compelled to sound the alarm bells at the Lakers. Proof of the dark period crossed by the franchise!


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